The Grace Period is Over: Hard Enforcement of the ELD Mandate is Here

Posted by Kim Kapela on April 10, 2018

ELD Enforcement

April 1, 2018 marked day one of hard enforcement of the ELD Mandate. Here at Pyramid Transport, we partner with shippers and carriers, so understanding the mandate is important to us. In the run-up to the soft enforcement of December 18, 2017, we studied the benefits and advantages of ELDs.

So how are carriers feeling?

In a recent article at TB&P, Jeff Della Rosa breaks down a recent DAT Solutions survey. He reports that according to the survey, 91% of owner-operators are now compliant with the mandate; however, 67% claim they are driving fewer miles with 71% reporting they are making less money. A whopping 77% of carriers assert that their drivers are detained for more than two hours on one out of five loads because shippers have yet to start accounting for a driver’s HOS when loading or unloading.

And what about violations?

According to Joe DeLorenzo of the FMCSA, inspectors have been keeping track of violations on inspection reports. “Of all inspections,” he said, “only four percent have been cited for not having an ELD when required to.” Here at Pyramid Transport, we find this encouraging and believe it bodes well for the next few weeks as inspections and violations go into full effect.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be violations. David Cullen reports at HDT, on Steve Bryan’s assertion at the Truckload Carriers Association in March, that carriers required to have ELDs will “face a firehose of violations.” Bryan explained that from December 18 to the end of February, 27,000 ELD violations were noted. He warned that when soft enforcement is over (it was on April 1) those violations would begin to affect carriers’ CSA points.

So what happens if a driver without an ELD is stopped and cited?

A driver without an ELD is socked with an Out of Service violation for ten hours. Once the ten hours is up, a driver may be permitted to continue to the next stop using a paper log, but must be compliant with the ELD rule before being dispatched again. It’s the same procedure in place previously when a driver was cited without a paper log.

The ELD Mandate is here to stay, and so are the professionals at Pyramid Transport. We stay on top of industry news and innovations, so you can do what you do best. Partnering with a wide variety of shippers and carriers, we understand the ups and downs that come with new regulations. Give us a call today!

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